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Blargh, An Hour with Billy Bush. Painful

Some of our favorite performances of the year are getting Golden Globes right now, but Cinecultist is sitting through an hour with Billy Bush and the crack reporting team from Access Hollywood to find out the results. Congrats to Tina Fey, Cate Blanchett, Longford, Jon Hamm and Mad Men, Glenn Close, Extras and La Vie En Rose's Marion Cotillard, who Billy astutely pointed out is more attractive in real life than she was as Edith Piaf. Thanks Billy boy for the freakin' newsflash. Gawd, Cinecultist loathes him. So. So. Much.

Full results are available on the Hollywood Foreign Press site. Read our previous coverage of Longford, Mad Men and Extras. Add them all to your Netflix queue.

There Will Be Blood at the Golden Globe Announcements

Watching the announcements of the Golden Globe nominations yesterday, Cinecultist was struck by the sheer inappropriateness of Quentin Tarantino as an announcer. Dude, it may have been too early in the morning for you to get a stylist to comb your hair but seriously, keep your opinions to yourself. We don't want any of your mini-commentary, jeez. See the full video for yourself but at the announcement of Diablo Cody's nomination for her Juno script he cheered (1:35) then every time he mentioned Paul Thomas Anderson's movie, he said the title in an increasingly more ridiculous voice (:45, :03). A cross between a circus barker and a wrestling match announcer, CC couldn't decide if snarky QT was offering homage or mockery. "There Will Be Blooooood!" Though of course, Cinecultist is now compelled to also say that movie name in that very same voice every time we use it.

Maybe QT is just miffed that PTA beat him to the punch on that excellent title. Although if Tarantino ever named one of his movies There Will Be Blood, the obvious response from his fans would have to be, "really? well, duh."