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CC Celeb Sights, Even In Menlo Park

Well, it's true: you can take the girl out of Manhattan, but you can't take the Gawker stalker out of the girl. Cinecultist is currently in lovely Northern California visiting our family for the holidays and went to Barone's, a favorite lunch place, for a panini and a latte on Sunday. Who should saunter up, decked out in sunglasses, heavy dark pea coat, navy knit cap, scruffy facial hair and attitude but James Franco. He seemed to be there for lunch with his extended family too (double GS points for spotting James's grandmother) and was trying to keep it mellow. CC gave him a few extra looks to cement our id, but hopefully he thought we just recognized him from high school or something.

The only problem with this thrilling sighting? Our less pop culturally literate family's luke warm response. No one really seemed to know who James Franco is, and were less than totally psyched when Cinecultist discovered via Wikipedia that he's just a year older than us and attended Palo Alto High School. James Franco is practically our peeps! We share that Menlo Park/Palo Alto/Stanford frame of reference with Daniel from Freaks and Geeks! As Bonnie Fuller says, celebrities really are like us.

Humidity Addles The Cinecultist's Celebrity Sighting Skills

Jeez, it's really been disgustingly humid here in New York over the last few days. Last night, while noshing on a chicken sandwich and a banana on a nice metal step in front of the Tribeca Issey Miyake store before a screening* and trying not to get too overheated, who should we spy walking down the street but the thinking-girl crushes John Krasinski and Will Arnett. Cinecultist looked up, made brief eye contact with the quite tall "Jim" and then quickly glanced back at our sandwich. Damn our frizzy head and slightly damp pits!

As soon as the two were out of shouting distance, CC pulled out the phone to call Jen, aka the future Mrs. Krasinski.

Jen: Hello?
CC: Guess who I just saw walking down the street in Tribeca!? Your future husband! John Krasinski! And, uh, Mr. Amy Poehler, the guy who plays Gob on Arrested Development...
J: Will Arnett?
CC: Yeah, right. Sorry, I knew that. I was just was so excited about John.
J: That's so funny you saw them together because the one time I saw John Krasinski, he was also with Will Arnett. Maybe there's some secret relationship thing going on between them...

Now, Cinecultist is hardly the kind of site to be starting a filthy rumor about John and Will becoming the next Jake Gyllenhaal/Lance Armstrong pairing, so you can disregard that last comment from Jen. For our money, we think it's either that spot—we almost smacked into Jack White of The White Stripes coming out of that Jin Deli in 2003—or that we're on a tear to systematically celeb spot the entire cast of The Office. First was Rashida Jones outside of Town Hall before the Ben Gibbard show, and now this Halpert encounter. Hopefully Mindy Kaling is next. Her Kelly Kapoor is utterly side-splitting and we probably wouldn't be too tongue-tied to tell her so.

*In case you were wondering, CC saw Sunshine, Danny Boyle's newest and it was AWESOME. In the league of Aliens, 2001 and Solaris. For serious. More of a review to come.