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The Cinecultist's current day job gig has us spending a lot of time with design happy folks and learning more than we ever thought we'd know about gardening, eco-cleaners and the like. As a result we've added one of our new co-workers' excellent blogs, Design*Sponge, to our regular round-up. Today Grace pointed us to a very cool movie-ish design site, Submarine Channel which features video clips of title sequences. Since we recently rented and enjoyed Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, a fun neo-noir from last year starring Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer, it was fun to see their cool animated titles again. Enjoy a little harmless procrastination with the site before your weekend officially starts.

P.S. If you're thinking about a movie to see this weekend take CC's advice from Gothamist: skip gore-tastic 300 and see a weird yet wonderful Shohei Imamura out at BAM instead. Saturday is Pigs and Battleships (1961) and Sunday they'll be showing The Insect Woman (1963). Also FYI: CC has marked our calendars for next weekend's The Pornographers and The Eel on Mar. 27.

Elsewhere On The Web, Monday edition

* Jake Paltrow interviews a bunch of Oscar-nominated actors about their early influential flicks for the New York Times Magazine. Please try to disregard the pretentious Andy Warhol screen test style of his video. He's still trying to come out from behind that familial shadow cast by sister Gwynie.

* The very pop culturally astute Charlie Suisman of Manhattan User's Guide is now contributing content to the cable network Trio's new site, getTrio. It looks like it's going to be sort of like Flavorpill, only with a daily blog format and with a TV slant.

* The New York Daily News ranks 100 romantic New York movies but puts The Apartment way too low on the list for Cinecultist's taste.