June 17, 2003

Film People-ster

Cinecultist decided to head over to Film Forum tonight to check out one of the Touch of Lubitsch double features. They're still playing Trouble in Paradise, but only during the day, at night they are showing two movies back to back for the price of one admission starting with the silent features.

After purchasing a ticket, CC went to stand in the line outside and ran into co-worker J. This man knows some serious trivia about old films, is obsessed with the Criterion collection DVDs and a really nice person to boot. He was waiting with another man, who he said he knew "from the movies." After waiting a bit more, we were joined by a third friend, an independent filmmaker, who said they expected to see another friend who was already inside watching the earlier screening. All of these film people J seemed to know only from the film viewing circuit here in New York. It made CC realize she's now plugged into this hub of pretentious film people who attend these festivals and screenings, wait in line with a film book, or run into someone they know who likes to discuss Kubrick or Ozu or Hitchcock. It's like a non-internet Pretentious Film Friendster.

By the way, CC really loved the silent feature, the Oyster Princess. Spoiled brat heiress (she's so happy she wrecks the house!) meets penniless Prince Nucki (pronounced "Nookie") but only after various silly machinations. At one point, a musician plays an unusual instrument -- a fat man that he repeatedly slaps, until the fat man strikes back. Priceless! So, I guess CC will be spending some considerable time at Film Forum in the next few weeks. Maybe we'll see you there.

Posted by karen at June 17, 2003 11:07 PM