August 3, 2003

Those Pesky Adverts

An article in today's Times comments on the increased profitability of the Regal theaters around the country resulting from renovations in older theaters, such as the advertising opportunities before the film. The article also links the disposible income of teenagers to movie theater profits because kids are more apt to spend $4 on a gi-normous soda. Towards the end of the piece though, some of those rich teens talk about their creative responses to the 2wenty, that pesky series of conversation-killing advertisements that has been really bugging CC lately.

For their part, the teenage girls attending "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Sara Fanning were unimpressed with Regal's 2wenty showing. "It was pretty irritating," said Nina Simons, a 14-year-old from Denver who tried not to pay attention to the ads while chatting in her seat with friends. The group was even less appreciative of the free mini-CD's, featuring the singer Rachel Farris, that were attached to soda lids. Most of the girls put the CD's in their microwaves, Nina said. "They come out kind of crackled and melty. It's pretty nifty."

Posted by karen at August 3, 2003 12:30 PM