October 6, 2003

Mark Ruffalo Report: Nice Guy

When Cinecultist can't be out on the town, rubbing elbows with all of the celebs at the movie openings and whatnot, we have our trusty spies in there for us. One such pair of eyes reported the following tidbit on the after party for a screening of Jane Campion's newest, In The Cut: Mark Ruffalo is a really nice guy. While the rest of the A-listers like Meg ("surprisingly good in the movie AND she's a brunette") Ryan, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon sat around in their own little clique, only allowing equally prestigious guests like Campion into their circle in the corner, Mark "totally cute in person" R. hung out downstairs with the crew and various extras. And he knew their names. This is the kind of story CC likes to hear about inclusive, keeping it on the dl actors. Rock on Mark, we're happy to see you back on the silver screen (also currently appearing in My Life Without Me) after your illness.

Our friend Fiona So Much Modern Time attended the after party for the opening night of NYFF and Mystic River at Tavern on the Green where she got drunk, ate fancy food and talked to director Michael Almareyda. Check out her full hob nobbing report. Gothamist also attended opening night of the fest.

Posted by karen at October 6, 2003 7:43 PM