October 8, 2003

Oy Vey Ah-nold

Yep kids, it's true. The state of California has elected the popular jock as president of the student council Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor elect. As Cinecultist's Dad (a member of the voting electorate in the Golden State) pointed out, it's not a good sign for his intellect level that the guy's been living in this country for as many years as he has and still has that accent. When CC's Daddy-o graduated from law school, the other actor politician was the governor and so his signature is on his diploma. As a kid, CC always found that fascinating. The only consolation to all of this? Knowing that Ah-nold has to live in Sacramento now. Man, there ain't nothing to do in that town. Do they even have a Planet Hollywood there? CC doesn't think so.

Posted by karen at October 8, 2003 7:45 AM