October 10, 2003

What To Watch...

Some good things out this weekend. Also, some seriously hyped things. Cinecultist isn't going to tell you not to go see Kill Bill, Vol. 1, because you probably will anyway. Hell, who are we kidding? We're going too. Just remember to consume your Quentin with caution. Also up: the Coen brothers do a classic screwball comedy (not to be confused with romantic comedy -- a very different beast) with Intolerable Cruelty, the NYFF opening film Mystic River gets a wider release (be sure to read PCC's thoughts below) and the Sundance darling about a midget, The Station Agent also hits theaters.

If after all that you still have time/energy for one more, CC would recommend the Andy Warhol Festival at BAM : The Voice Choices pick from the Village Voice this week, as Jen reminded me on Wednesday night, all this month is Warhol month at BAM. Tonight is the double feature of Poor Little Rich Girl (Edie! Edie! Edie!) and Vinyl and Saturday features I Shot Andy Warhol with a Q&A by the director Mary Harron. All kinds of good stuff later in the series too, like Couch, Blow Job, Chelsea Girls and Kiss.

Too much to see. Damn, we love movie going in New York.

Posted by karen at October 10, 2003 7:57 AM