October 14, 2003

Negotiating the Blogosphere

Though we don't often write about it, Cinecultist tries to keep up on the vicissitude of the blogging community. CC also loves meeting fellow bloggers, there's something so fascinating about seeing someone come out from behind the writing persona and the keyboard. On Saturday night, in a tiny club in Williamsburg, CC looked over and saw the dimunative Elizabeth Spiers standing there in the crowd. The former editor of Gawker is now writing a blog for New York magazine, the Kicker which we've been enjoying. A very nice woman sporting a pixie haircut and knee high boots, CC enjoyed chatted with her for a few minutes about how she needs to keep needling the media establishment even though now she's technically a part of it. She also introduced CC to Neal Pollack, the Austin-based writer who was in town promoting his new book and who we'd just been watching perform at Luxx. [More on our impressions of Pollack later this week.] We think he was drunk. A good night all in all in "the capital of all things hip in America." [Ed. note to Gawker -- when we call Williamsburg hip, it's only in the context of quoting a comment made by Pollack to the uber-blase crowd. Come on now, CC lives in the EV, we're soooo over Williamsburg.]

In other blog news, our fellow NYU alumna the Modern Age is going on hiatus. We'll miss your pithy music coverage and obsessive White Stripes news Laura. In the meantime, get your fill of Britney Spears and celebrity nipple sightings over at Whatevs.org. Let's all make Uncle Grambo the newest "white hot blog du jour," he's certainly got the ego for it.

Posted by karen at October 14, 2003 8:09 AM