October 15, 2003


Cinecultist loves her beautiful, talented, well-connected friends especially the ones who hook us up with tickets for things. *ahem* Hint, Hint. Tonight our dear friend Stephanie, the hardest working woman in film festivals, got us tickets to see Tsai Ming-liang's new movie, Goodbye Dragon Inn at the New York Film Festival. The title references King Hu's action classic but we're expecting a picture more like his earlier features the Hole and What Time Is It There? In other words depressing, slowly paced, alienated and oh so Taiwanese. We're psyched.

UPDATE: Ming-liang is an adorable, buzz cut-sporting, art cinema-promoting genius. We heart him. We're on first name basis. As we said to our friend William, we'd be happy to suffer to be his muse like Lee Kang-sheng, except we're not skinny enough for it. Ming-liang says his movies aren't all about nostalgia but we're not so sure about that. Goodbye is a love letter from a cinecultist to King Hu and his martial arts epic. Yes, the movie is all of the things we thought it'd be, particularly slow paced and there's probably about 10 lines total of dialogue in the whole two hours. It's not for the faint of heart or those who expect to be "entertained" at the movies. CC hopes for your sake it gets US distribution soon, it is awesome stuff.

Posted by karen at October 15, 2003 8:03 AM