October 21, 2003

Isn't That?

As per a conversation with Josh Cultivated Stupidity over pink drinks in Yorkville on Saturday night, we bring you a new feature to Cinecultist, sightings from the Celeb-a-cultist. Living in NYC, CC sees her fair share of familiar faces when out and about, besides our run-in with Ms. Spiers, but they're most often just barely famous. We're talking pretty seriously B-level, or even C-level celebrities. The problem is that CC watches so much television, reads so many magazines and sees so many movies that often these people look like someone who's an acquaintance. Where do we know that person from? Isn't it some syndicated television show set in the Amazon jungle and starring washed-up supermodels?

This weekend, CC almost plowed into Gloria Reuben (Jeanie Boulet from ER) while we were carrying our wash home from the laundry mat. CC has also recently seen yet another cast member of the ballet classic Center Stage, this time Sascha Radetsky walking through the West Village, though we've also seen Zoe Saldana at the Anjelika and Ethan Steifel at City Bakery. More odd sightings recently have included former supermodel turned photographer Helena Christiansen in Tribeca, as well as sighting three or four of Jesse Eisenberg in the East Village. Drea de Matteo and Jane Adams (Joy from Happiness) live near CC, so they're around drinking coffee, walking the dog and such working actress activities.

These are some pretty lackluster sightings, not even a Drew and a Stroke, but they're part of the fabric in our New York life. Have you got some Celeb-a-cultist moments? We're talking being seriously embarrassed you even saw the person, let alone recognized them. Send them in (to karenATcinecultistDOTcom) and we'll publish the saddest ones.

Posted by karen at October 21, 2003 8:05 AM