October 24, 2003

Fanboys Rejoice

Let the brouhaha begin. Fandango.com, the ticket selling website, notified Cinecultist yesterday afternoon that tickets for the Matrix Revolutions is now available for purchase online. Also good news for Warchowski fanboys around the world, the new picture will open simultaneously on Nov. 5. In other words, the screening times will take into account time zones so that we can all watch this final installment together. It'll be a global love-in for wrap around sunglasses, latex and Keanu Reeves' prodigious acting talent. Can you feel the geek-excitement in the air?

Also of note: Doyoufeelloved.com celebrated three years of blogging yesterday with yet another lovely new design. If you're not a huge fanboy for Chris's unique take on all things comic book, U2 and pop consumption then hop to it kiddo! You're already behind the curve. Everyone's laughing at how out of it you are. Seriously.

Posted by karen at October 24, 2003 8:05 AM