January 2, 2004

New Year Movie Resolutions

Happy New Year Cinecultists! We wish you all the best in 'Ought Four and as CC comes out of the haze of peppermint candy canes and too much vodka (CC likey vodka), we've been thinking about the new year that is now upon us. We ordinarily don't believe in new year's resolutions, as they usually are a bunch of irrelevant hooey about cutting down on smoking or loosing weight. However! CC does want to take stock in our suspect movie consuming practices and thus brings you the following list of resolute promises.

1.) To be less overtly rude to our fellow movie patrons. There really is no call for humiliating people with our disdainful glances and whithering responses who say, cut in front of CC in the ticket line because they can't figure out where the end is or ask us to move over a seat and then put their sticky, squirmy child next to us. We all share this space, CC resolves to be nicer about their uncalled for infringements.

2.) To quit smuggling food into the theater in our large handbags. Sure, concessions in this city are astronomically priced, but those ticket takers need their popcorn-paid wages to fund their next piercing. Also, a rustling granola bar wrapper at 6:30pm in Walter Reade Theater during the short really is annoying, despite the fact that CC raced from her day job without dinner to the screening. Sorry about that, it'll never happen again you hoity-toity West Side bee-otch.

3.) To quit laughing really loudly at the silliness of Hollywood cliches and conventions, especially during noisy action flicks. We realize that snickering about how awkward it is when Vin Diesel kisses a woman may be raising the consciousness unnecessarily for the frat boy and his blank-stare girlfriend next to us. We resolve to keep the subtext acknowledgement down to a minimum for the unsuspecting.

4.) To keep mum during the previews, commercials and the Regal Cinema Twenty. CC knows we are but a warm body in the seat capable of walking out of the theater and buying junk, but first we need to be told what junk to buy. Remix Sprite, the newest TNT special series and those Levi's for wearing while lassoing your car are really important stuff. They deserve our utmost attention, conversation and social interaction be damned.

5.) And finally, Cinecultist resolves to continue to be resolute about providing quality movie related content in this here space. Thanks for all of your readerly support over the last seven months, we appreciate all of the e-mails, IMs, links and shout-outs. Keep 'em coming kids, and we promise bigger and brighter rants and raves in '04.

Posted by karen at January 2, 2004 10:44 PM