January 8, 2004

Marry CC Tony Leung

Last night at the screening of Chung King Express as a part of the Young Friends of Film at Lincoln Center series, Cinecultist decided we're ready to give up our prolifigate single gal in Manhatta ways for a life with Tony Leung, Hong Kong action/drama/pop star. When he steps into the Midnight Express snack bar for the first time in the film and the camera zooms in on his face as he removes his policeman's cap, CC literally swooned in her seat. Although, we fear we might have to have a knife fight with Miss So Much Modern Time for his affections, but regardless, when Tony realizes he wants to settle down with a nice girl film critic in the East Village, we'll be waiting.

The real clincher for CC on this screening of Wong Kar Wai's filmed on the fly masterpiece was when Leung's character No. 663 consols all of the inatimate objects in his apartment. The soap is letting itself go apparently by getting too thin and the dishtowel cries too much, now that 663's girlfriend is gone. So sweet, so melancholy and so clever, this is a movie filled with moments you want to memorize. If you haven't seen it, rent the DVD just ignore Quentin Tarantino's beyond stupid bookend commentaries.

The rest of the evening on the Upper West was filled with free food, too much red wine and sightings of movie geek friends. We heard the latest from a few Reverse Shot-ers never short on an opinion (Gus Van Sant=idiot. Movies at Gramercy Theater=filled with scary old people. Donor screenings=lots of free booze.). Evidently, we look like someone who went to school in New Jersey and we may have won a lunch for two at tony fish restaurant RM, we'll find out after the drawing January 7. As you can see, a good night out indeed.

Remainder: Happy Birthday to the fine folks (and EV neighbors!) over at Black Table! One year of publishing some of the best writing on the web is quite an accomplishment and deserves the oddest word of praise ever -- Kudos. They're also have a celebration party this Friday if you're around which sounds like fun. Mostly because having drunken, struggling writers flirt with us always sounds like fun.

Posted by karen at January 8, 2004 4:37 AM