January 9, 2004

Kids Galore!

cheaperby12.jpgThe most innocuous movie in America, aka Cheaper By The Dozen, is also the most popular comedy at the box office (trailing behind LOTR, but then again, who wouldn't be?). How can something so blah blah blah, be so damn popular? Cinecultist guesses it's the same think that keeps vanilla ice cream, Yanni and USA Today in business. But should you go see this picture, since everyone else seems to be loving it?

DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE IF... you think it will be like the book of the same name published in 1948. The similarities are bare -- 12 kids is about where it begins and ends.
...you prefer the darker side of Steve Martin ala Spanish Prisoner. This is all very Eddie Murphy-kid friendly stylin' here.

DO SEE THIS MOVIE IF...you can't wait for the Lizzie McGuire Movie 2, Coyote Ugly: Uglier Than Ever, or The WB's Superman: Hunky With a Vengence as the tween stars all have moments worth oggling. If oggling is your thing.
...you'd like a little meta-Ashton Kutcher. As the uncredited model/actor boyfriend of eldest daughter Piper Perabo, Kutcher basically is humiliated time and again by the gaggle of kids (underwear soaked in meat, etc.). He also does a little winking at the camera acknowledging that he knows he's not such a good actor, he needs his pretty face to get parts. Heh. Ashton punk'd himself, sorta.

These are the film's charms, take them as they are, expect little but entertainment soon forgotten after exiting the theater.

Posted by karen at January 9, 2004 11:50 AM