January 13, 2004

Chasing Down Cheesy Goodness

With temperatures in the teens and below this weekend in New York, it was tough getting the Cinecultist to leave the East Village headquarters. It was as cold as Eskimo hell, if that gives you any kind of idea of our weather and the pain it inflicted. But Sunday we did venture out with Lisa for a screening of the teeny-bopper-tastic Chasing Liberty in the nabe. What did CC know about this movie before going to see it? 1) Mandy Moore, pop star turned actress is in it, 2) she still has brown hair, 3) her character is the President's rebelious daughter, and 4) there's a hunky boy in it. To be honest, we've thrown down good money knowing less about a movie than this, but everything evident in the previews made Chasing Liberty look like the most inconsequential bit of cheesy fluff. Which it turned out to be, but completely in the best way possible.

First off regarding the hunky boy, known to most as Matthew Goode. This kid is so handsome you'll want to catcall him from your reclining theater seat. "Hey sugar baby, bring that English-accented, hard ab, faux-backpacking scruffy goodness on over here! Yeow!" Or something along those lines. The interaction between him and Ms. Moore is lovely, in particular this one scene where he offers her toothpaste for some finger toothbrushing after a night on the train. So sweet.

Why are they on a train, then? See, Anna the President's daughter (secret service code name: Liberty) has traveled to Europe for some diplomat stuff with her 'rents but she's all fed up and stuff with being always watched by those secret service dudes. So she like, takes off with this hot guy on a moped that she meets outside a club in Prague and they visit all of these cities in Europe together with like, no money. It's awesome. CC and Lisa were rockin' out in our seats to the Euro-pop soundtrack and giggling like girlies at the kissie bits. Dare we call it the best film of 2004? Okay perhaps not, but we did vow to purchase it straight away when it comes out on DVD.

Posted by karen at January 13, 2004 8:24 AM