January 28, 2004

For Your Consideration

Yesterday as Cinecultist checked in on the Oscar nominations from the desk of The Day Job, we were a bit flabbergasted to say the least. SEA-F*CKING-BISCUIT??? FOR BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR???? Wha? And CC's not the only one surprised, Cultivated Stupidity was also beside himself, although that's partly because he is a one gay man Nicole Kidman fan army. The slight against Cold Mountain is a slight against CS. But seriously people, what happened here? It was as though the spirit of Harvey entered the publicity department of Universal spurring them on to complete media saturation for their horsey picture.

And House of Sand and Fog is dominating the acting noms, now compelling CC to go see the freakin' thing. This happens to us every year, one particular film we've let slip through our ordinarily obsessive viewing schedule (last year it was the Pianist) gets all of this critical accolade. Why does it matter? Because then, Cinecultist can't weigh in on the picture with the verve and certainty we like. And that makes us cranky. We like to alienate and offend with our movie opinions whereever we go, it's part of the CC shtick. So damn that Academy and their off the wall nominations!

Posted by karen at January 28, 2004 10:37 AM