January 29, 2004

Best In Animation

The award for the best animated feature at the Oscars has three entries this year, but Cinecultist loved Finding Nemo so very much it seemed difficult to imagine any other film supplanting it in our affections. But after seeing the Triplets of Belleville yesterday with Josh, our loyalties will definitely be torn. The film has also garnered a nomination for best song with that catchy jazz theme "Triplets of Belleville" which sticks to your brain like glue.

There's been talk about how Sylvian Chomet's style of little dialogue on a soundtrack which favors sound effects and atmospheric music instead is similar to Jacques Tati, and that wouldn't be such a stretch since we glimpsed a Tati movie poster in Souza's bedroom. The wit here is very different from Finding Nemo which depends on banter and word-play, Triplets is a mostly visual humor experience. It also expanded our movie vocabulary for battling gangsters -- would Scorsese or QT have thought to attack a roomful of shoulder endowed men in black suits armed only with a frying pan and some hats? We think not.

Posted by karen at January 29, 2004 8:33 AM