February 3, 2004

Linky Link Lovin'

We interrupt this regularly scheduled movie diatribe to spread a little linking love to just a few of our movie blogging compatriots who've been throwing it our way as of late.

Tagline -- Brief reviews, news and quotations galore (many submitted by discerning readers) all brought to you by brothers Stephen and Alistair Reid.
Cinema Minima -- News-feed and brief entries with links to further information on the movie making industry.
Indiescene.net -- All about the marketing of movies, in particular the independent market, film festivals, theatrical and DVD releases.
Drew's Blog-O-Rama -- The blogging component of the long running site run by Drew devoted to compiling free movie scripts on the web, wherein he asks the age old question, "how you like them apples?"
D Speak -- A slightly more personal shout-out as our girl Kristi (fellow NYU CS grad and scholar of the road movie) and her boyfriend Darren blog from their trip to New Zealand. Of interest in particular, Kristi recently blogged on LOTR and how everywhere they go looks like the Shire. Sending all our CC affection and simmering jealousy to her across the pond.

Posted by karen at February 3, 2004 8:31 AM