February 4, 2004

Bitch Slap

Nothing makes Cinecultist chuckle like a little critical bitch slapping. Hehehehe, hear those titters resounding through the blogosphere. Two items which tickled CC as of late --

Slapper: Anthony Lane in this week's New Yorker, who incidentally has built a career as a critic on the snarky barb. This doesn't make him a good or insightful critic mind you, just sort of funny slash mean.
Slappee: Joe Eszterhas and his new autobiography, Hollywood Animal. Question is, is this really a fair fight? Over-paid screenwriter Eszterhas has a t-shirt at home that says HACK and he surely wears it proudly to BBQs and whatnot. Thus, is bitch slapping him around really any fun? Lane says yes, and he says don't forget Sliver.

Slapper: Robin Wood, editor of cineAction in a letter sent to Josh at Cultivated Stupidity, in his professional capacity as a periodicals clerk.
Slappee: George W. Bush. Wood says, a letter regarding a subscription to your film journal is a fine place to register your cranky Canadian political dissent. A right fine place.

Posted by karen at February 4, 2004 3:49 PM