February 9, 2004

Falling In Love With NYC

Before we forget, Cinecultist wanted to offer a few general thoughts on In America, a film we saw a week or so ago which inspired our musings on actress Samantha Morton last week, who is up for an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance. The film is also up for Best Original Screenplay and actor Djimon Hounsou received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor as well. A story based on his own experiences and those of his daughters coming to America as immigrants, director Jim Sheridan with co-writers Naomi and Kirsten Sheridan create an experience of nostalgia and melodrama that's wholey moving.

In many ways, the film is about this family falling in love with New York City as they attempt to recover from the major loss of one of their children dying of cancer. There's something so visceral about the scenes where they first drive through Times Square or play in the first snow which made CC want to get out of the theater just so we could be back on the streets of the City. Usually good movies make us want to stay longer in the world they've created on screen, so to have the opposite reaction, of wanting to be more in the real world the movie tries to reflect, is really quite something. Much of the film rests on the young shoulders of sisters Sarah and Emma Bolger who play the daughters in the film, and they are both delightful. So natural and immediate, you have to marvel at a director who can elicite such performances from these adorable young actors who never seem too precious.

Posted by karen at February 9, 2004 7:58 AM