February 10, 2004

A Good Sunday

When the former incarnation of Cinecultist, graduate student CC, lived in the Park Slope slum (where the ceiling fell in during the winter -- twice), we had a weekend ritual with the roommate known fondly as Movie Binge. This is what happens when you put together the lethal cocktail of "movie academia" + "some disposable income" + "high level of procrastination" equaling three or four movies in one day, and at least one, if not two, of those in the theater. The night before we would consult over what craptacular thing we both wanted to catch (the latest Jackie Chan, Scooby Do et al.), then haul out of bed groggy the next day, pull on some sweats and book it down the street two and a half blocks for a matinee. CC would grab a coffee and a scone from the local Connecticut Muffin and Lauren with her stomach o' steel would often eat a hot dog from the concession calling it breakfast. Later, it would be another one or two on DVD or on tv and then perhaps a screening in the evening as well. But it was getting up for a matinee which really started the weekend off right.

There's no matinee prices at the movies in the East Village, it always cost an ungodly $10.25 for a film, but that didn't stop us from revitalizing the Movie Binge. This last Sunday, Cinecultist grabbed a scone and a coffee from Taylor's on Second Ave to munch while watching The Big Bounce, a movie that fulfilled the craptacular distinction for Movie Binge. As the only person in the 11 am screening, there was no one to consult about why this caper story taken from an Elmore Leonard book and starring Luke Wilson makes no sense. The femme fatale Nancy (played by Sara Foster) was too boney, Morgan Freeman was phoning it in and they edited the continuity right out of the thing. And in a caper movie to remove the causality -- where all of the elements adding up makes for the enjoyment -- is sort of a terrible idea. But despite the fact that we literally threw up our hands in disbelief as the credits rolled, a matinee is still a great way to spend a weekend morning.

Posted by karen at February 10, 2004 8:25 AM