February 27, 2004

Coming Soon To Cinecultist

We hate to give things away but Cinecultist has a couple of things in the works to get you psyched about. These movie thoughts have been on CC's mind but there's not much more we can divulge because it's in the works.

CC saw Osama earlier this week, which we found parts beautiful and disturbing, but we don't want to say much more about it at this point as we had a conversation with Doug French of Filmington.com as a part of their Religious Zealotry Week! which will be up next week.

This weekend is a little annual get together called the Academy Awards, so there will surely be coverage of this next week, in particular of the fashionable variety in the form of a conversation with the always chic Ms. Megastyles.

And of course, most importantly Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights opens this weekend with our girl Romola Garai (from one of our top ten of last year I Capture the Castle). Though we are guessing that this classic line of dialogue is probably not in this remake/inspired by version, we just have to say in pre-viewing excitement -- Nobody puts Cinecultist in the corner! Happy Friday, kids.

Posted by karen at February 27, 2004 8:06 AM