March 1, 2004

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Usually Cinecultist is all over the full Oscar coverage and finds all the jokes about the length of the show unnecessary whining but not this year for some reason. Was it the predictability of the decisions? The (much deserved) sweep of the Lord of the Rings in all of their nominations? Or the fact that CC hadn't been to bed the night before until 4 am? But either way CC was in the pajamas by the time Blake Edwards and Jim Carrey were joshing around on stage and somehow fell asleep right after the award of best original screenplay to our girl Sofia Coppola. We woke up again with a start at 1 am, the television still blaring and all the lights on, with the deluded thought that perhaps the show will still going on.

The two scariest moments of the evening that we caught -- the cut away to Marcia Gay Harden in the monstrous bee hive and electric blue cleavage bearing caftan during the award of best supporting actor to co-star Tim Robbins. She looked like a very bad Elizabeth Taylor impression. Jack Nicholson passing on his "magical cool" sunglasses to host Billy Crystal in the opening montage. Does he look more and more like the crypt keeper to anyone else in these public appearances of his? Is someone just dehydrating him a bit at a time like a piece of beef jerky? Runner up: Michael Douglas wearing wrap around sunglasses in doors. Granted, this is in La La land but on a February evening at an awards ceremony? Why? Why?

Looking totally hot -- Angelina Jolie in that satiny white goodness with the arm tattoo. So scary and so very smoking at the same time. Renee Zellwegger, also in white, looking well-fed and utterly pleased to have won finally. Her acceptance speech was neatly folded inside her sparkly purse which CC found utterly charming.
Looking not so much -- There's Jim Carrey! He has no hair! He's speaking in gibberish! Wha? Peter Jackson, so much talent and so much shlubby geekiness oozing from him even his surely expensive suit couldn't cover it up. We love the guy but he's no fashion plate, that's for darn sure.

The fuller coverage than Cinecultist's in the NY Times today, probably because they didn't fall asleep on the job. The full awards listing is also available on

Posted by karen at March 1, 2004 8:10 AM