March 12, 2004

Best of Intentions

All week, Cinecultist had been looking forward to seeing a movie at the tiny West Village coffee shop, Jack's Stir Brewed Coffee with our WV friend, Ilana. Tuesday nights, they feature live music in the West 10th St. space and Thursdays are devoted to movies, with last night's screening of Frankenstein. That's what we intended to do, honest.

We got as far as walking past a bit after 8 pm, when the film was set to start, but the smallness of the place, the potentially uncomfortable hardness of those wood benches set up in front of the sheet tacked to the front window, and the age of the crowd made us move on. It was a nice night for walking around and talking and eating a vanilla cupcake from Magnolia Bakery, since we were right near there.

The moral of the story? Even the Cinecultist needs to take an evening off every now and again to enjoy the non-movie related company of a good friend and a cupcake. Happy weekend cinecultists, we'll be back next week with more movie-related obsessing.

Posted by karen at March 12, 2004 8:17 AM