March 19, 2004

Now That's Twisted

A Tribute to Marco Bellocchio, one of the more important voices of Italian cinema in the '60s and '70s, kicks off at the BAMcinematek today and runs through March 28. He was a part of what P. Adam Sitney calls a "vital crisis" in Italian cinema of that period and what commentator/filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini depicts as "neodecadent and neoformalist" which "anticipated the renaissance of the Italian neo-avantgarde."

Cinecultist previously saw and found fascinating his first feature, Fists In His Pocket (I pugni in tasca) (1965) which will screen on Wednesday, March 24, about epileptic, incestious siblings with a violent streak. If you think The Dreamers is a freaky family story, you haven't seen any Bellocchio. The man himself will be available for a Q & A next Saturday after a screening of Good Morning, Night (Buongiorno notte), his most recent film from 2003. CC will be at a screening of Henry IV tonight because we want to expand our understanding of this intriguing director and because it has Claudia Cardinale. A full life really can not have too much Claudia C. in it.

A final link to some more freaky stuff, Trey Stone and Matt Parker's Princess cartoons are available on the Trio website. Princess reminds CC of the evil penguin Feathers from Wallace and Gromit, so much can be said in a simple blink of expressionless eyes. However, be warned cinecultists, "the sexual content was so extreme that production on the 'webisodes' was halted early on and have never been seen in any medium. Until now." Not to be watched at work with the speakers up very loud, in other words. [via Fleshbot, who will clue you into a login]

Posted by karen at March 19, 2004 8:04 AM