May 14, 2004

Over The Weekend

Hey, That's My Bike! Through Sunday, May 16 Anthology Film Archives hosts the Fourth Annual Bicycle Film Festival. Featuring, "Film/Parade/Art/Music/Performance/Parties/Fun!" this is the festival devoted to the simple credo "bikes rule." One such interesting entry screening tonight Warriors: The Bike Race, a short film about the group of 400 bicyclists who decended on NYC in 2002 to recreate the cross-city bike ride depicted in the 'spoitation classic The Warriors.

No Half-Caf Here If like Cinecultist and our friend Pete, you missed the sold out screenings of Jim Jarmusch new flick Coffee and Cigarettes at the Tribeca Film Festival, have no fear. The collection of 11 shorts shot in black and white opens Friday in New York at the Landmark Sunshine. According to TONY critic Joshua Rothkopf, "Made for an audience of one, Coffee percolates with enough private obsession to make it more than a mere curio."

Turn The Beat Around The American Museum of the Moving Image begins a series through May 21 devoted to Japanese director, star, poet, newspaper columnist Takeshi "Beat" Kitano on Saturday called "Violent Lives, Fragile Beauty: The Films of Takeshi Kitano." This is to gear up for the release of his newest feature, The Blind Swordsman: Zatiochi, an updating of his samurai series that's sure to be brutal and awesome at the same time.

You Say It's Your Birthday! Sunday is the Cinecultist's birthday. We will be 27 years old. Cards, letters, eternal devotion and Criterion DVDs will be accepted. On Saturday night we'll be down at Plant Bar on E. 4th Street if you want to stop by and say hi. We'll be the one wearing the birthday tiara.

Posted by karen at May 14, 2004 8:29 AM