July 2, 2004

Choices at the Cineplex This Weekend

SpideyNothing says long holiday weekend like blockbusters, baby! Can't you feel the hype in the air? Inhale that smell of popcorn mingling with the musk of sweaty teenage geeks on line for the latest comic book adaptation or senseless actioner. Mmmm, smells like America.

Actually this weekend is surprisingly tame in terms of the big openings, save for Spiderman 2 which apparently everyone loves so far. But CC is most thrilled for Richard Linklater's newest Before Sunset which we're seeing tonight with some grad school buddies. Here's the geek-out schedule: leave work exhausted but exhilarated for the vacation, eat a take out dinner from Wogies Bar and Grill in the West Village (mmm, cheese-steak with real American cheese) while watching Before Sunrise on DVD, AND THEN go see Before Sunset at the Angelika. Sweet.

While this sounds like the ultimate in good time to CC, we do want to offer a plug for Robert Redford's new picture with Helen Mirren also out this weekend via our conversation with Ilana, organizer of the "Befores Marathon." When asked if she thought we should buy some tickets online for Sunset, she argued nah, most people would probably be rushing out to see Bob in The Clearing. "I really want to get back to Robert Redford," she told us. "But he's so old now," we argued. "Still, it's Robert Redford," she countered. And there you have it, the only reason we can think of to eschew either Tobey Maguire or Ethan Hawke or both, this long weekend. Enjoy the Fourth, cinecultists.

Posted by karen at July 2, 2004 8:21 AM