July 12, 2004

Miscellaneous: McSegway, Marathoners & More Bad News For South Dakota

Ronald_small.jpgWhile wandering the crowded streets of the Chinatown/International District Summer Festival yesterday, Seattle Maggie witnessed a surreal sight - Ronald McDonald cruising serenely through a sea of Asian folks on a Segway. Given the rave reception that Super Size Me has gotten, especially in health-conscious Seattle, we would have expected Mr. McDonald to have to peel out of there in haste, pelted by mobs armed with granola and spiky lychee nuts. Instead, he was followed by a Pied Piper-esque throng of small Asian kids, all clamoring for Grimace headbands. Sorry, Morgan Spurlock, it looks like America is still a little slow on the uptake.

In other news, today marks the first day of the annual Badwater Ultramarathon, in which participants make the 135 mile trek between Death Valley's lowest to highest points in 60 hours or less. Obstacles include dehydration, exhaustion, an 8080 foot elevation climb, temperatures cresting to 130 degrees and blisters the size of...well...feet. And did we mention no prize money? Anyone looking to learn more about this event can check out the documentary Running On the Sun, where even those of us who save running for catching the bus can experience the journey firsthand. The spirit and stamina of these runners is amazing to say the least, but props must also go out to the faithful road crews who feed, hydrate and cheer them on every step of the way. Doubly amazing is the ability of runner Gabriel Flores to simultaneously run, talk, and puke without breaking stride, as well as the guy who removed his toenails in order to be a better runner. Yikes.

In other other news, Seattle Maggie swears on her honor that she heard the lady on the Weather Channel tell the nation that South Dakota should expect "Nipple-Sized Hail" today. In order to link this to movies, let us say SM is badly torn on going to see Anchorman - 75% says yes, 20% says we should stay home and read some Proust and a rogue 5% says it just wants a milkshake and a nice, long nap.

Posted by seattle maggie at July 12, 2004 3:40 PM