July 22, 2004

Cinecultist Suggests

If you're in the Manhattan area this evening, might Cinecultist suggest two unorthodox but intriguing sounding movie activities?

An interactive screening of Showgirls in Chelsea to coincide with the release of the V.I.P Edition of Paul Verhoeven's 1995 film. It sounds sort of like Rocky Horror Picture Show only with thongs, Kyle MacLachlin and lesbianism.

Go to see Un chien andalou four times in a row with the Ensemble Sospeso accompanying them with four different contemporary music pieces at the Walter Reade. The 8 pm screening is a part of the Lincoln Center Festival 2004.

And while we're in a suggesting mood...

Might we also suggest reading every last article of the new Reverse Shot on Richard Linklater? It will make your brain happy.

For tomorrow, the midnight movie at the Sunshine theater on Houston will be Muppets Take Manhattan, a huge Cinecultist favorite. Perhaps even one of our childhood inspirations for moving to New York, though we soon discovered that Rizzo the Rat = cute, actual rats in the subway = not cute at all.

Posted by karen at July 22, 2004 12:37 PM