July 26, 2004

This Time There Will Be Revenge

The Associate Press reported yesterday that George Lucas's camp announced the new title for the third installment of the Star Wars prequel series as, "The Revenge of the Sith." Announcing the news to the sci-fi fans at this year's convention, according to the AP the Star Wars geeks cheered for the title seeming to be more pleased with this than previous prequel titles. They also had t-shirts ready for sale at the announcement, a picture of which you can see following the next link.

Our question -- how do we really know that the fans are happy about the new title? Is the guy inside this storm troopers suit in this AP photo from the convention smiling as he holds up this t-shirt? No imperical evidence in this photo, is there?

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Posted by karen at July 26, 2004 8:06 AM