August 2, 2004

AMD v. Grambo: Best Critical Smackdown Ever?

Like the whole infamous Roger Ebert versus Vincent Gallo smackdown regarding Gallo's movie Brown Bunny at last year's Toronto Film Festival, a critical "disagreement" is shaping up on the Interweb that Cinecultist is following with interest. We thought we had our opinion on Brown Bunny all sewn up after Aaron Out of Focus's as always, exhaustive posting after seeing the film a few weeks ago. But now, Uncle Grambo's has weighed in via after a screening in Detroit.

Who will emerge victorious from this (up until now decorous) exchange of ideas? While Mark is taller and uses more slang (CC literally just figured out what bovs on the tees means), Aaron wields the power of DiVo and is a Nor Cal Member of the Tribe (represent!). It's a tough call. May be a photo finish. Drat! Now we may actually have to see this thing after reading such intriguing but differing opinions on Gallo's narcissism and the merits of his most recent project. If Gallo googles himself, Cinecultist would like to receive an invite to one of these cross country screening junket events in Manhattan. Drop us a line Vincent and adjacent PR group, we promise we'll reserve our judgment until after the three hour Q & A.

Posted by karen at August 2, 2004 9:27 PM