August 9, 2004

News From The Blogosphere

Gothamist Interview this week is our fellow cinema blogger Aaron Dobbs and his friend Lily Oei. Worth a check out because of Aaron and Lily's obvious bias towards film. Cinecultist is all about the blantent cinema bias.

It's the end of an era. *sniff* Gawker announced today that this will be the last week of snarky posts from Choire Sicha. That's sad, sad news. However! The new Gawker shall be the lovely Jess, of the Blue Print who CC had the distinct pleasure of meeting last week for drinks to celebrate her move along with our editor Jen to the LES. Here's the superficial assessment -- She's smart, she's cute and she's totally manic on a few drinks. We think she's going to do a bang up job. And as Scott said, we expect lots of links to us or else we're revealing her certain penchant for a former WB star's greasy locks. One day as the lame duck Gawkette and the blind items are already flying!

Posted by karen at August 9, 2004 4:09 PM