August 12, 2004

Conversation At The Union Square Virgin Megastore

INT. - VIRGIN MEGASTORE, MANHATTAN'S UNION SQUARE - 10:45 PM MONDAY NIGHT. Your Cinecultist steps into the store for a last minute birthday purchase for our sister.

Salesgirl: Hello, welcome to the Virgin Megastore. My name's Corine. Did you find everything okay?
Cinecultist: (still wearing the iPod) Mhmmm.
Corine: Is that going to be all for you today?
CC: Mhmmm.
Corine: Kill Bill Vol. 2 on DVD goes on sale tonight at midnight.
CC: (taking out the earphones) Sorry? Did you say Kill Bill 2? (looking around the room for some line of rapid Tarantinoiacs but seeing only a few scraggling music buyers) Are people really lining up to purchase that movie right at midnight?
Corine: (with the belabored look in her that only comes from working retail) Sometimes we get lines for CD releases, but not really movies.


Posted by karen at August 12, 2004 8:19 AM