September 15, 2004

Bloggin' For The Man

As the uses and legitimacies of blogging evolve on this here interweb (bloggers at National Conventions, blogs for magazines, press releases to bloggers, oh my!) Cinecultist has noticed a new trend relating to movies and the web the movie tie-in blog.

It made perfect sense for something like Spike Jonze's Adaptation to have a blog because it's so meta and cutting edge. And it was written by Jason Kottke, so you can see the connection. Similar reasoning for documentaries or documentarians with blogs like Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me, as the movie is also confessional and a little bit obsessive in its cataloguing tendency just like the website. Then Zach Braff had one for Garden State. Fine. Cool. Promotional tool, we get it. Yes, you're so very indie Mr. Braff, you and your gravel jokes on Scrubs last night.

So this is a long sort of way to segue into the e-mail we received from Remy Stern regarding the new tie-in between Gawker Media, the Defamer and John Waters's new movie A Dirty Shame. Lord knows we're big ol' fans of New Yorkish and the "evil" empire being spawned by Mr. Denton but CC doesn't exactly get the connection here. Is there enough Dirty Shame "news" to fill up the postings? Will we see some John Waters action there, as he is the man of a thousand bizarre quotes? (Have you ever seen a John Waters promotional blurb quote, on the back of a book say or in the window of that shop in Chelsea? They're always the weirdest juxtapositions but strangely right on.) A new John Waters movie is signs for eager anticipation but a whole blog?

So we're torn. Cinecultist wanted to offer the link because we like Remy and appreciated the heads up e-mail, but we're hoping to get some more insight into the efficacy of this venture. Will keep you posted on whatever feedback we get. Or if you have some ideas, shoot them over to karen AT cinecultist DOT com.

Posted by karen at September 15, 2004 8:44 AM