September 20, 2004

Questions Answered, thankyavedymuch

When you put passive aggressive questions out into the blog ether, answers will come back to you, we've found. Even if Cinecultist hadn't received a friendly and informative e-mail from Remy Stern regarding the A Dirty Shame blog last week, we still could have caught this article on Reuter's this weekend and found all of our questions answered.

The big answer to our query of what is the point of a production company sponsored blog? Access baby, access. Promised content includes interviews, factoids on the stars and insider information on the set plus coverage of the premieres and information about fetishes, since this is Waters' topic-A for this new picture after all. All that content sounds much more exhaustive than the usual flash heavy, sonic-overloading promotional website and well worth a click through. So there you are. Cinecultist asked. Cinecultist is convinced. Our work here is done.

Posted by karen at September 20, 2004 10:14 PM