September 27, 2004

Cinecultist Looses The Touch

Confession Time dear cinecultists CC did not attend any movies this weekend.

This is flabbergasting really, because we don't think we can think of when that had last happened, not spending at least part of the two days off at a movie theater. Now, this is the really embarrassing other part, but we had two different conversations this weekend with strangers wherein the person brought up a movie CINECULTIST HADN'T HEARD OF! Shocking, but true. They were by the way The Yesmen and What The Bleep Do We Know?, and of course when we got home we had to Google them, so as to eradicate the memory of the out-of-it-ness from our consciousness.

Here's our lame excuses for not attending any movies this weekend -- 1) Yom Kippur on Saturday. CC decided that the only thing that could distract us from the holy day fasting would be a Sex and the City season six part one marathon. CC hearts Steve Brady, even though he's not a movie. He's the penultimate New York geeky dream-boat. 2) Excellent weather on Sunday. The temperature was so good we just walked back and forth across the Village from brunch to home to the bookstore to the sale at the Gap on Broadway to dinner later, there was no need to really spend any time in the heat or a/c. 3) Blogger birthday parties on Friday and Sunday afternoon.

That's actually where both of the embarrassing conversation occurred, after we'd told someone who wasn't a blogger about our blog focused on movies and movie watching. This funny thing occurs we've observed when one attends parties populated by bloggers and/or the invite came via one's blogging connection, the inevitable "how do you know so and so? Oh, you have a blog? What's it called?" conversation. Now, bloggers aren't shy, for the most part. We actually tend to be a slightly narcissistic bunch. Look it, CC writes in the third person for goodness sake, we're not casting the first stone, by any means. But when it comes to saying the name of your blog to someone who quizzing you on it, the default response is always mumbling and down turned faces. Then, for yours truly, comes the need for the spelling of the url.

After all of that exchange, to then not have heard of the movie proffered by the layman as a way to bond while you both fiddle with the straws in your drink? The horror, the horror. It's all so demoralizing. Anyhow, from that unpleasant experience comes new fire and zeal for our topic, we promise. Just as soon as we finish trolling the web for CMJ tickets and reading those new books we bought on Sunday.

Posted by karen at September 27, 2004 9:38 PM