September 29, 2004

Lessons From The Tilly

JenniferTilly.jpgReason # 5,433* why movies are so darn great the character's brazen gumption can inspire you to take charge in your own life. As you may have heard, Cinecultist is a big proponent of watching 40 odd minutes of a movie on tv we seen a bunch of times before. A couple nights ago, Sundance was airing Bound by the Wachowski brothers (of the Matrix fame) and again we were struck by how awesome Jennifer Tilly is in the first segment of the movie. She's the ultimate brazen hussy, seducing Gina Gershon in three easy steps. We should all take note of her masterful technique.

Step 1) The Tilly eyes Gina in the elevator, giving her the complete once over while her thug boyfriend (Joey "Pants" Pantoliano!) stands right there. 2) The Tilly brings over two cups of coffee, one with milk and one without to the handywoman Gina working in the apartment next door on renovations. Flirting ensues. 3) The Tilly gets her boyfriend's mobster boss to call Gina, who is also in his employ, stating that the Tilly has lost an earring down the sink drain and can Gina come over to fix it. When she does, the Tilly maneuvers her to the couch, tells her she's been thinking about her and then, (and here's the part where brazen takes on a whole new meaning) takes her hand and puts it there, to, you know, prove it to her. Wow! Brilliant! We could totally never do that, but it rocks!

Though it may seem either like a cheesy turn of phrase or entirely apt, but here is a character who is taking life by the balls. She knows what she wants and she takes it. This is no joking around. Let that be an inspiration to you on this Wednesday in September, not necessarily to start making people around you grope you, but that empowerment are just a metaphorical strategic hand movement away. Go out there and get it cinecultists. Get psyched.

*Don't ask us for the five thousand, four hundred and thirty two others, we know that you know what they are already.

Posted by karen at September 29, 2004 8:39 AM