October 1, 2004


You can tell that fall's in the air, because Cinecultist finds ourselves eyeing wooly sweaters in the stores and obsessing about the New York Film Festival. This will be our third year in attendance and though it's still one of our favorite things about living in New Yawk, it can be a drain.

There's always too much good stuff too see and even though this year CC was able to swing some press pass action (wahoo!), the Day Job sorta prohibits attending every screening we'd like because they're all in the afternoon. Then, if you think you'd like to buy tickets to a bunch of evening screenings, the totaled bill can be pretty prohibitive with each ticket running $15. Sure, you get a feature, a short plus a conversation with the filmmakers afterwards, but that's still pretty steep for a movie ticket.

Anyhow, we will be covering a few of the screenings between now and the 17th, but don't expect the moment by moment reporting CC'd love to bring you in an ideal world. That's all we're saying too many movies, too little time.

Which is why for most of the films already with theatrical distribution lined up, like the anticipated Sideways by Alexander Paye, it can be better to wait for it to hit theaters this fall. Or you can read the equally obsessive coverage on the sites of our compatriots like Out of Focus and Filmbrain (who already has a review up of Look at Me, the opening film tonight).

The Cinecultist picks for the next few days screenings over at Gothamist Arts + Events. Coverage from the New York Times, including the opportunity for other armchair reviewers to post their opinions on the NYFF offerings.

Posted by karen at October 1, 2004 8:37 AM