October 4, 2004

RIP Janet Leigh

leigh2.jpgGoodnight Ms. Leigh, thanks for everything. Something about the death of old Hollywood figures cause Cinecultist to break out the maudlin language, forgive us. The AP reports today that actress Janet Leigh died Sunday at the age of 77 in her Beverly Hills home.

"Born Jeanette Helen Morrison in Merced, Calif., on July 6, 1927, she was a college student when retired star Norma Shearer saw her photograph at a ski resort. Shearer recommended the teenager to talent agent Lew Wasserman, who negotiated a contract at MGM for $50 a week." CC loves those kind of AP details, if only we had such a romantic rags to riches tale to recount in our obit.

Ok, so Janet Leigh wasn't the best actress to ever grace the silver screen, but we pour out a bit of our proverbial 40 in honor of Touch of Evil, The Manchurian Candidate, Bye Bye Birdie and of course, Psycho. Perhaps it's time to rewatch a few of those.

You always knew Cinecultist liked the high and the low. Today, you can also see CC over on Low Culture, getting all Shallow in their space while writing in the first person about movies. Our brief by the way, was to not try be funny, just in case you wondered.

Posted by karen at October 4, 2004 8:43 AM