October 7, 2004

No Time For Movies...

At least to write extended posts about them. The reasons are three-fold:

1) Because Cinecultist is getting over a cold. The weather dips down below 70 degrees and our head fills with flem. Sucks.

2) Because the landlord is tearing up the bathtub in our Eee Vee apartment to re-spackle it and when CC came home tonight, we had to clean up the tracked grout dust from all over the kitchen and entry way. Also sucks.

3) Because Seattle Maggie's in town visiting! That's right, our favorite left coast movie correspondent is in New York to attend a family function and took a few extras days off from her busy life of coffee drinking, anime watching and mocking her red-headed boyfriend to hang with the Cinecultist.

On this coming Monday night, CC and Seattle Maggie will be having tapas at Xunta on First Ave at 11th Street. Seattle Mags suggested CC invite a few of our New York friends. If you're one of those people and like Sangria (and really, who doesn't?), come on down and join us. Drop CC an IM or an e-mail, so we can know to keep an eye out for you and/or provide further details.

In the meantime, CC's thinking about buying the shooting script for I Heart Huckabees. We saw the film last weekend and though we liked it, we're still formulating our thoughts on it. Perhaps reading the dialogue, rather than just hearing it from the actors, would help us get a handle on our opinion.

Posted by karen at October 7, 2004 11:51 PM