October 20, 2004

Nick Denton, Film Distributor?

Amongst friends, and at few parties, Cinecultist has joked about the burgeoning growth of the Nick Denton/Gawker Media "evil" empire. The Man's Plan to take over the world, one domain name at a time continues, now with the distribution of impossible to find blue movies under the imprint Fleshbot Films.

Their first release is the long lost Ed Wood picture, Necromania, a pornographic film made at the end of the B-film director's career. Fleshbot Films has now made it, along with two other titles to be released soon, available on newly mastered DVD via Amazon.

More details via the New Yorker Talk of the Town piece in this week's issue. Make like the Cinecultist by reading this on the bus on the way home, then snickering audibly while muttering "that Nick Denton" and making people move down the seat from you. It's fun!

[Confidential to Mr. Denton or those in his hire who add people to lists: If there's a star-studded premiere of Necromania can we be on the list? Or maybe just get sent a screener? CC hearts Ed Wood, bad '70s porn and Gawker, of course.]

Posted by karen at October 20, 2004 10:21 PM