October 25, 2004

Val Kilmer Likes to Make Out

Perhaps a prerequisite to being in Oliver Stone's new movie, Alexander (opening Nov. 24) is that you must cra-ay-zy. Either that, or just give weirdo interviews. Cinecultist has quoted our man Colin Farrell, he of the inappropriate flirting with reporters, here before and we don't think we need to give you evidence of the lovely Angelina Jolie's loose cannon in print but did you know Val "He's still acting?" Kilmer is also in the picture?

Val baby, with a beard like classic Kris Kristofferson and wearing a bathrobe with black lace up boots (creepy old man chic?), answers Katy McColl's queries in this month's Jane magazine. There's no permalink on their flash happy site, so we'll have to direct you to the newsstands and page 87 to read the rest, but here's a choice tidbit from the non sequitur laden conversation.

Jane mag: What's the most fur you've ever donned in a single sitting?

Val baby: Fur? I wore a buffalo rug for a photo shoot in New Zealand on top of a glacier.

J: Doesn't count. What about in your private life?

V: I made out with a girl under a buffalo rug. [Reflectively] "Made out," what's the last time you heard "made out?" Made out? I haven't made out with a girl in hours.

Posted by karen at October 25, 2004 8:28 AM