January 17, 2005

Tonight! Cinecultist @ Reel Roundtable

What better way is there to spend a snowy MLK Day evening than watching an Irish romantic comedy in the East Village? This is Cinecultist's way of saying this is what you should be doing tonight heading down to the Millenium Theater (66 E. 4th St. between Bowery and Second Ave) for an evening with the Reel Roundtable, where CC was invited to screen a film and participate in a Q&A with Elizabeth Carmody about movie blogs.

We'll be watching When Brendan Met Trudy, a favorite of our from 2000, about a young school teacher and film fanatic, Brendan who meets a mysterious girl, Trudy in a pub one night after choir practice. Filled with film references visually and in conversations between the characters, WBMT is a great jumping off point for talking about movie love. There's a little wine reception starting at 7:30 pm, the movie starts at 8 with the Q&A to follow. Tickets cost $5 and can be bought on the premise from Elizabeth's high tech cash box.

There's some really fabulous film blogging happening lately on the web, as evidenced in our sidebar at left, which will hopefully make for a lively discussion tonight. If you haven't already been lingering over at the Conversation, you really should be. A group blog between some of the most stellar cinema voices on the web, Out of Focus, the cinetrix, Filmbrain, David Hudson of GreenCine Daily and Liz Penn, they've been dialoguing on the Golden Globes and other end of the year topics. We suggest clicking over asap, so you don't end up like CC, caught like a rabbit in headlights during an IM convo with your buddy Aaron, completely unaware of his faboo new project. Bad CC, bad!

Posted by karen at January 17, 2005 9:12 AM