January 31, 2005

Things A Brewin' At Sundance

Everyone at CC's place of business is abuzz with the Sundance Film Festival. Read A.O. Scott's bitch slapping from Sunday or check out Mindy Bond's coverage via Gothamist. We like Mindy's take because it's New York centric and mostly about attending parties.

Yay for Noah Baumbach by the way, who won for his screenwriting and direction of The Squid and the Whale. We knew our oggling of his writerly self at the Life Aquatic press junket wasn't mere objectification. No trailer up as of yet, but a few images here of Anna Paquin and our Eee Vee neighbor* Jesse Eisenberg.

* We don't know where Jesse lives exactly, but we've seen him a bunch of times around the nabe with his little girlfriend, particularly near the 2nd Ave F train stop so we think we can call him a neighbor with confidence.

Posted by karen at January 31, 2005 11:15 AM