February 7, 2005

Shatner -- You've Got Mail!

Remind Cinecultist not to tell our new co-workers about our blog, as then we'll have no safe place left to admit how incredibly gullible we are. Case in point: this afternoon our coworker Steve had us believing that for just $5.95 you could purchase an e-mail account on williamshatner.com. Can you picture it? Wouldn't it be geeky good fun to have yourname@williamshatner.com? Awesome. Sadly, williamshatner.com is not poised to become the next America On Hold. However, in the process CC stumbled on this website which lists "celebrity e-mails."

Heh. We could send a little electronic message to Quentin Tarantino (Q-Tarantino@usa.net) about his Uma feet fetish. A little 'sup to the Cloon (GClooney@aol.com) and little Mary Jane (kirsten@kirsten-dunst.com). Or maybe an early Valentine wish to the weasel, Pauly Shore (Pauly@paulyshore.com)? Of course, these all look like the fake-ist e-mails ever, but isn't it weird and hilarious how our celebrity driven culture creates a need for this pseudo direct contact with our worshiped icons?

This reminds CC of the time when our buddy Lou had Vin Diesel's cell phone number. Through various machinations, Lou's waitress/college student girlfriend had snagged it from some PR flunky and it was the topic of amusement for about two weeks for all of Lou's friends to call poor Vin Diesel's cell phone number, just to listen to his innocuous out going voicemail message. Sometimes they would leave him taunting messages too. Not CC of course, we're too polite for that. No, we just wanted to hear XXX ask us to leave a message after the beep. That was silly enough.

Posted by karen at February 7, 2005 11:48 PM