February 12, 2005

Mr. Do and Mr. Don't Go To The Festival

Mr. Do & Mr. Don't

Artist and film critic M.E. Russell displays some movie etiquette with his characters Mr. Do and Mr. Don't in honor of the Portland International Film Festival starting this weekend. Click over to his blog CulturePulp, to read the entire series of strips then hang around to read his previous movie reviews published in the Oregonian and on DVD Journal.

His finely wrought characterization and gentle ribbing on our geeky subculture makes Cinecultist nostalgic for our days spent waiting in line in the alley alongside the Egyptian theater before Seattle International Film Festival screenings. Ahh, Northwest hipsters, how we miss you! You smell so much more working class than our trust fund-ish fellow residents of the Eee Vee.

[Thanks Michael for the link and the reprint permission. Just because one can control-click-save doesn't mean one should.]

Posted by karen at February 12, 2005 2:23 PM