February 25, 2005

"Oh Matthew Modine, We Think That You Are Peachy Keen"

Gross Anatomy posterThe performance last night at Tonic by Ben Lee of the song "Matthew Modine" by the Canadian band Pony Up really made the Cinecultist giggle like a schoolgirl.

Back in the day, when we referred to Modine merely as "The Haircut," he was a part of that group of actors who could do no wrong in our 14 year old eyes. The magazine clippings were up inside the bedroom closet, that's how you knew. (This group also included Harrison Ford, Luke Perry and Christian Slater. Pump Up the Volume? Hello?)

After some poking around on the web we bring you a few of the choice lyrics below and a recording of the song from Lee's show at the Knitting Factory last June. Happy Friday and we'll see you back here on Monday for some post-Oscars analysis!

Well, it's hard to get through medical school, but you did because you fuckin' rule. You seduced a girl at the Motor Inn come on', come on', come on', come on', come on' live with us in sin.

You're a double veteran and you've been on Letterman.
At the Academy Awards you have rudely been ignored,
And your middle name is Avery
And you are an Aries
And you just turned 43
so save some birthday cake for me.

Ben Lee - "Matthew Modine"

[Thanks to Jen for the invite! CC thinks you're peachy keen too, though of course not in the same way as Matthew Modine.]

Posted by karen at February 25, 2005 9:01 AM