April 21, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival: There In Spirit

The Tribeca Film Festival started this week, an event every year Cinecultist always intends to attend more seriously than we actually end up doing. It's really quite guilt inducing to be honest, especially when we have good friends intimately involved in the programming.

Earlier this week, CC received a nice e-mail invite from Ari of Cinemantics suggesting we come down to a party last night at Sugar in Tribeca for some Shorts filmmakers who are in the fest. "Party, good deal," we thought to ourselves. Go out, be social, feel a part of the New York movie making scene which we always enjoy, a solid post-work Wednesday night CC thinks. Except, CC realizes once we walk into the mildly happening bar at a quarter past 10, that we have no idea what any of these shorts filmmakers look like. There's no "Hello, I'm An Indie Director" name tags on anyone, no velvet rope section for those carrying mini-DV cams. Drat! So with the disheartening concept of drinking a $10 cocktail by ourselves on a Wednesday night looming too large, we headed home. Totally pathetic, but what would you have done in our shoes? [So that's our way of saying, sorry Ari but we totally didn't flake! We were there, sorta. Rain check!]

Good news from Aaron though regarding screenings, he says "Nothing is "sold out" at the Tribeca Film Festival until the film starts. You can always get in a "Door Sales" line, and if you're reasonably near the front, there's a better than not chance you'll get in." CC promises to take this to heart, if you do. See you in the film line! (Or maybe not actually, because of this pesky online anonymity thing...)

BTW, more news on the TFF ground from Eugene Hernandez of indieWire over at their festival-dedicated blog. In the comments, leave suggestions on films at the fest you want to see or bitching about trying to meet fellow film geeks from the world wide web.

Posted by karen at April 21, 2005 9:13 AM

Thanks for coming by and mentioning us! Sorry you didn't know who was who. Next time I'll be smart enough to give you my cell number so you can find me and I can introduce you to people.

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