May 19, 2005

What Good's The Internet If You Can't Link To Things?

Thursday style remainders:

Miranda July is an amazing person and an equally intriguing artist. CC's psyched for her Sundance and now Cannes fave Me and You and Everyone We Know to hit the theaters. (BTW, it's June 17 in NYC.) She also has a blog which includes some fascinating pictures from her trip to France, particularly the one of her blistered foot and her subsequent trip for more comfortable walking shoes. TMI blogging from famous people is so the best thing ever.

Our filmmaker buddy Fritz Donnelly and some of his compatriots are throwing a Final Night and Farewell party for their FilmCartel Short Movies at the Glass House in Williamsburg (38 South 1st St. near Kent Ave) from 7 - 9 pm tonight. There will be films by Fritz, Ben Coonley and Natalie Neptune as well as music, and even the opportunity to perhaps screen your own film as a last minute entry. Check it out, as anything Fritz and camera related is always thought-provoking.

Filmmaker Tommy Davis kindly sent us a screener of his documentary Mojados: Through the Night which is playing at the Two Boots Theater in the East Village through Tuesday of next week. The trailer and the fact that he spent 120 hours with these Mexican immigrants trying to cross the border sounds intriguing to us. Our schedule hasn't allowed for a screening yet, but that shouldn't stop you from attending.

Un-movie related remainder: This Newsweek thing is wigging Cinecultist out. Once again we're blaming the conduit and not the actual problem. It's enough to make a paranoid liberal concerned for the continuing well fair of free speech. More fodder for the fire in this New York Times editorial, which appropos of nothing uses the awesome word "cloud-cuckoo-land" properly in a sentence.

U-m. R. R. part two: A hamburger blog, aka A Hamburger Today. You didn't know you need it, but you do. We're two days behind on the linking buzz but click through anyway. [This is not a shameless ploy to get their Senior Editor to invite us along for his next Kobe slider tasting. No sir.]

U-m. R. R. part three: CC went to the Radar launch party last night and had a few free drinks on Mort Zuckerman, though not at the location of this fracas but at the second tier Marquee spot. Sadly, this venue didn't have any visible free issues. Maybe if we ask nicely via linkage, someone will send us one. One can always hope.

Posted by karen at May 19, 2005 4:58 PM